Monday, March 17, 2008

New kicks

Week in review.

I rode a little. Ate a lot. Hebe's party was fun.

Haley is a fun little girlie.

A little sleepy

Still sleepy

Fast new shoes!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Add it up

The elbow still hurts. The obvious prognosis was correct, tennis elbow. I was told to take 600mg of IB five times daily for a month and ice as often as possible. Now, if only I was better at following doctors orders. I’m not good at wolfing down giant pills like that throughout the day nor am I great at remembering to put the icy gel-pack back in the freezer after I’m done with it. The doc did say she was disappointed I waited so long to see her. I guess I’m closer to getting a steroid shot than anyone would care for. Poo.

Little DJ had his big one-oh last weekend. He had a couple friends over and some family to celebrate. TLW was having fun playing around with the boys. She’s really becoming more and more of a little character every day. Lots of laughing and smiling and playing. Naturally, with a crap elbow, it seems like she wants her da-da to pick her up and hold her more than usual. Whenever I’m chefing at the stove or washing some dishes she’ll maneuver herself in front of me and tug on my pants and reach her arms up to me. How could I possibly refuse?

The Wifey and I briefly toyed with the idea of selling our house in order to quickly buy a new house this past week. We love where we are but also loved living in town. A house went on the market on a very desirable street that had a lot of appeal to us. It is larger than our current which was the main reason we considered it but we unfortunately couldn’t make the numbers(money!) work. Unless someone out there wants to shoot me couple grand or twenty we won’t be moving. I’d gladly give naming rights. The YOUR NAME HERE Kitchen. Or The YOUR NAME HERE Basement. Maybe I should proposition Coke or Pepsi on this one.

We planned a trip to the Charm City today but the weather didn’t cooperate. I haven’t cruised around Inner Harbor in a while and thought it’d be a fun trip. Some other time I guess.

I finished up February with a 60% commute rate. That combined with January gives me a 74% rate for the year. Not bad, but I know I can do better. Only running 60% for March.

The St. Hebe’s Day party should be a real good time. I’m looking forward to it. The finest entertainment could simply be finding a good seat and people-watch all night.

I wonder if our Kenny is a da-da yet? Go Kenny!