Monday, March 28, 2005

So much for regular posts. The winter can suck the life out of a person. It hasn't been a bad winter by any stretch. Not too much snow. It never got super cold. I rode more this winter than ever before. Still there is something about a constant 30-40 degree winter that drives me up the wall. Its probably knowing it really warm somewhere else that gets me.

As I said, I've ridden more in the first three months of the year than ever before. I've only missed two Sundays due to weather. I can ride in cold weather down to approx 2o or so. Below that and you need more layers of clothing than it's worth. I just bought a new road bike. I bought a Lemond Tete. Essentially I bought the frame and fork. Everything else off the bike is getting sold on ebay to pay for it. Set me back $2700. After ebay I should end up paying approx 500-700 for the f&f. Pretty sweet ride so far. I had a Lemond MJ 853 steel. Loved it. But I wanted to try this ti/carbon mix. I'm loving it big time. A bit stiffer than the MJ but still very comfy like steel. Best of both worlds really.

Today it's raining like hell. March 29th and it's 37 and pouring outside. Nice.

Me and the wifey have been trying to plan a trip around Memorial Day weekend to coincide with our wedding anniversary. We were hot on Vegas but have cooled on it a bit. Sounds crazy to say but I swear I'd get bored out there. Neither of us are heavy drinkers and neither of us are talented/rich enough to gamble. That leaves shows and all you can eat buffets. Like I said, I'd get bored. I think we'll head out there in late September to catch Interbike. A little more to do at least.

My friends Josh and Beth are getting married in a couple months. It's about damn time, Josh! Should be a fun wedding. I've never acted anywhere close to my age when Josh worked at the bike shop. One hell of a fun dude. I'm looking forward to that wedding. Plus it's being held about 3 miles from my house. I can drive home in reverse with no hands completely tanked from that one.

Enough for now. L8

Saturday, March 26, 2005

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