Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Pig + Cow + Crab = Heaven?

It’s Tuesday and I need to recap the weekend. What’s cool is it’s Tuesday and my weekend hasn’t ended yet.

Saturday I was going to do some driveway sealing at my Moms and also here at my place. Unfortunately if there is rain in the forecast, any rain, then it’s a no go on that. Good thing we didn’t chance it because it did shower a little Saturday and Sunday night. I guess we’ll need to reschedule that fun.

As a consolation I did finish my front sidewalk project. I pounded out the original nasty looking sidewalk weeks ago but finally made the time to get the job done. I think it turned out looking exactly how I wanted it to and envisioned it. I’m happy. Now I need to do something with the nasty front porch. That will not be so easy.

Sunday I was still feeling the effects of the cold I had all week. I’m now thinking it’s not just a cold but also allergies. Up until a year or two ago I was never effected by allergies. In fact I’d always chuckle at Sevie sneezing his ass off at work this time of year. Karmas a bitch I suppose. At any rate, on top of this cold, I’ve been sneezing and coughing like a fiend. Slight runny nose and the watery eyes but mostly coughing. It got so bad Sunday night I was tossed from the bedroom by The Wifey since I was keeping her awake.

I got on the road sled for a short 90 minutes. I felt miserable but I wanted to see how I might feel about doing my now annual ride up to Thompsontown to Erin’s grandparents for a Memorial Day feasting. Sunday night we lost our electricity for a couple hours. I was hardly disappointed that I couldn’t watch Neck-CAR. Whatever. Did anyone notice the Indy 500 was Sunday? Pity.

I woke up Monday feeling a tad better. It was foggy outside but the forecast was for sunshine in the afternoon. The picnic started at 3pm and I knew it would take me somewhere between 3-3.5hrs to get up there so I finally decided by 10:30am to give it a go. I must apologize to The Wrecker for not calling as he rode a good portion with me last year and was looking to do the same again. I just didn’t feel well enough to make this a strong ride. Meaning I had every intention of going slow when I needed to and being very deliberate about the pace I’d ride. Sorry Hammy.

The ride was good. Lambs Gap sucked but I knew it would. The coolest road of the day was in Perry called Pine Hill road. A nice wooded gradual ascent that kicked up nicely at the end and opened up on the descent into the valley. Absolutely beautiful view as I dropped down off that mountain. I made it into Millerstown at about 45 miles and I again had the option of taking the more direct route which is a BRUTAL dirt road climb or go east a couple miles and by-pass the mountain and add approx 5-7miles to the ride. I did the climb. It hurt me. Bad. In the end I’m glad I did because the road I hooked up to get into Thompsontown was straight into the wind. Had I by-passed it would have been adding to that torture. 53 miles was this years tally. I can’t wait ‘til next year.

Today I mowed the lawn. After that I went out for a little recovery ride and got a flat about 10 miles in. Not just a flat but a sidewall cut. I had a couple glueless patches and gingerly rode home. Oh, and how could I not mention the biggest news of the weekend. Honeycomb is back! Sorta, I think. A loyal HC fan left a comment on a previous post mentioning the change back to the original formula. I quickly ran out to grab a box to check for myself. Lo and behold. I’m not entirely sure it’s the original formula or not. It’s hilarious, the box actually says in the upper right corner “Now Better Tasting” which is a riot. Nothing like indirectly admitting that you (POST) screwed up badly and changed something that tasted great into something that tasted like ass. Anyway, I’m not sure if my cold/allergies is affecting my taste but it seems like it’s almost the old stuff but I think it lacks just a hint of the sweetness that the original stuff had. If anyone within the sound of my blog can hear this let me know what you think?

Time to put TLW into her new swimming pool. This should be fun. Pictures @ 11.

Dinner. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm........

Auntie Em spent some quality time feeding The Little Woman tonight.

That's all.

Friday, May 25, 2007

You as well

I wrapped up a busy week at Holmes Cyclery today. I picked up a cold or something to start the week, which progressed into full-on stuffed-head sore-throat lost-voice hell by yesterday. Today I felt much better physically but still had no voice. I think Homewrecker spiked my water bottle with something to keep me from making fun of him.

Speaking of spiked water bottles and the shenanigans associated with such activity, The Legend has a couple excellent takes on all these silly dopers. There is much more I’d love to say about cheaters but I have no patience right now to get into it.

Tonight before putting TLW to bed we had her rolling around trying to get her working on crawling skills. She is now capable of scootching herself around pretty well. No real forward or backward gears as yet but we’re making progress. She totally loves being spoon-fed foodage as well. Such a joy.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Another beautiful Sunday for some quality bicycling and hangin’ with TLW.

I was feeling a tad unmotivated to ride. I could see just by looking outside that it was a little breezy. I’m still cleaning crap out of my eyes from days ago riding in windy conditions. So I got a later start than normal and did mostly flat stuff but I did do the White Rock Acres climb from bottom aaawwwwlllllll the way to the top. I usually just do the first 1.3miles of it before it dips slightly and continues. Today I figured I’d just do the whole climb as I’d stay mostly flat with a hella-tailwind back in afterwards. So I did. It makes for an interesting elevation map because there is one way up and one way down. I climbed the first part very well. High cadence seated. The rest sucked. I felt a good sense of accomplishment though considering my malaise before I even started.

Saturday The Wifey and Auntie Em went shopping and picked up a high chair for Haley. This is another one of those milestone steps I suppose. We put it together today and threw TLW on it and gave little Hales her first feeding from a spoon. She did great. She has pretty awesome hand-eye at this point so when she sees a spoon headed for her mouth she immediately grabs it and almost fed herself. All in all she did very well. Another one of those moments to make her parents super happy and proud of TLW.

Hungry Haley

Happy Haley

Sleeping Elwood

I'm tired. L8

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

"the uneasy foot"

I did a little google search of The Pigeon Hills. Found this. Interesting. Now I know.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

......keep those doggies rolling

Time to catch up. I’ve had a few busy days followed by some tired evenings. I’ve been lucky enough to have some flexibility in my work schedule the past couple weeks so that I could get a couple extra days off this week. Erin’s parents, who also happen to be Haley’s babysitter during the week, have gone vacationing to the OBX this week. So I’ve been watching The Little Woman the past two days. We’ve been having a great time. I also knew that I’d get a little time to finally get out and spend some good quality time with my road sled.

Sunday I rode down to my sisters for an awesome grilling fest. I spent a lot of time climbing. I did the Lewisberry Rd climb, Bull Rd, and Crone Rd during that ride which by the finish I ended up with 4682ft of climbing in 45.5 miles. Now keep in mind, the way my GPS calculates elevation gained is sorta misleading. I could do a 40 mile ride that had a 1% grade from start to finish, which essentially is flat as anything, but I’d still have elevation gained. At any rate, there were some big climbs along with lots of little rollers all throughout. The weather was very nice for a hard ride like this. Mid-60’s. Crone Rd is a ball-buster. The grilled chicken was yummy.

Monday Haley and I drove down to LM to hang with my Ma. She watched TLW while I ventured towards old riding haunts in The Pigeon Hills. Why are they called that anyway? 42.5 miles and 3677ft of gain. High Rock Rd just north of Hangover was the highlight of this ride. I helped my Ma dig up an old cluster of ornamental grass and measured some stuff for a little work I’m going to do in a few weeks. Then we headed home just in time to meet the Wifey after work for some pizza.

Today me and TLW hung out more. We spent some quality bonding time. Around 2pm I drove her in to hang with her mother for the final 2hrs of work. I wasn’t planning on that but either Erin really missed her or she doesn’t trust me watching her for an ENTIRE day. Either way, I got another good ride in. this time only 37miles but, holy shit, this one spanked me. 4888ft of elevation gain. Steigerwalt Hollow, Sheepbridge Rd, Bremer, Lewisberry Rd (again, love it!), Copenhaver Rd (hardest climb I’ve ever done), followed by Andersontown, and Bull back in. Copenhaver started with a steep pitch followed by a small drop and then kicked in for ¾ mile at anywhere from 10%-23.5%. A good stretch of that was in the mid to high teens. The road itself was beat to hell as well. Combine that with 88 degrees and after only 20miles I was shellacked. The rest of this ride was folly. I was getting bombed by the wind today too. No fun. More pizza tonight. Then we took TLW for a ride in her luxury B.O.B. stroller sled. She loved it.

So, if you count the ride I did before work Saturday I’ve ridden 150 miles in 4 days. I’m on a little training camp of sorts.

One more day off tomorrow. Auntie Em will be home sometime around lunch. She left for Hawaii the day Haley was born and exactly 20 weeks later she’ll finally meet her. That’ll be fun. Maybe another ride if the weather holds. Maybe a flat one this time.

Time for the best show on tele. House.


Monday, May 14, 2007

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Hey sweetie

Saturday eve went to see the new little Kauffman addition. Joel's his name. Tiny little fella.

Sunday did a solid 95 minute fixie ride early afternoon. I'm rolling a 40-16 now up from a 38-16. Noticeably harder. Not drastic but definitely more work. I think I'll try to roll this for two more months and then try to go 42-16.

This afternoon we also cruised over to Hebe's new casa. Nice place. Had some grub with The Hebe clan again. Good times.

Lazy evening. Back to the grind already.

KHam is in the house. Welcome.