Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Genii @ work

I get offended when people automatically assume that just because I work at a bike shop I most certainly party all day and do no work. Today, for instance, the collective minds at the Cyclery assembled the new electric sleds we just got in and had to put them through the gauntlet. In order to properly test the user capacity of this POS we had Seve driving with the elfish Hammy riding bitch. I think we exceeded the weight limit but it held up nicely. Not easy work my friends.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

A Sunday in Milwaukee; or, Sorry about your luck

In the parlance of Alex Trebek, if I threw out the following towns; Valley Green, Yocumtown, Goldsboro, Cly, York Haven, Mount Wolf, Manchester, Conewago Heights, Newberrytown. Your correct response would be; What are tiny little redneck podunk towns of Northern York County? Yep, yep. After years of wanting to do a ride down to the metro Mt Wolf/Manchester area I finally did. I was never quite sure of the roads, whether I'd make a wrong turn and end up on a dirt road or in the middle of the Susqy River or worse than that, actually end up in York proper. I managed to make a perfect 2hr, 36 mile ride out of it with a want for more. The area is certainly not as scary as I make it, pretty scenic really. Practically zero traffic. Pancake flat to extremely hilly terrain. Good time.

After the Phillies finished off the Beer Guys today I took TLW over to Lower Allen for another rendezvous with the Mega Fort playground and then a hike on the nature trail next to the Yellow Breeches. She loves the hikes and of course I love it when she has a happy time.

Hockey starts Saturday night if you're a Flyers fan. I'm not used to The Flyers and The Phillies playing at the same time in October. The Fightin Phillies have the Dodgers next. Should be a tight series. Why do American League playoff games take 5hrs to complete?

I need a beer and wing night. Anyone interested?

Haley, DJ, and Brayden. Saturday night fun

I think she's done with the swing there pops

Haley rounded the corner on the Nature trail to find this.......

........a giant tree goiter. Scared TLW for a moment.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Go Flyers!