Monday, July 21, 2008

Nice day for a hike

Haley and I cruised over to Lower Allen for a walk in the woods. The playground was too hot with the sun beating down on it. This isn't the first time we've gone for a walk along the nature path back by the Yellow Breeches. In the past we've always done it with her bad-ass BOB Revo stroller but today we walked the whole stretch along the creek and back. TLW had a blast. She loves splashing in the crick. Then she found some sticks and startedchasing me with 'em. We had a fun time. She was pretty wiped out so we got her back home in time for lunch and a nice power-nap. Every day I see her growing and learning and communicated more and more & better and better. She's a little rocket surgeon!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

It was the best of rides

The Wifey and I headed up to Jim Thorpe for some R & R Tuesday afternoon. We spent the night at The Inn. Wednesday Erin’s parents came up with TLW to join us for another night. We had a good time. Haley constantly amazes me at how smart she is. I have no frame of reference as this is kido number one for us but I honestly never expected a one and a half year old to be smarter than me!

I got out for a nice long ride on the Lehigh Gorge Rail Trail from Jim Thorpe to White Haven and back. I took the old Giant CX’r on this trip. Solid. The funny thing is looking at the GPS elevation data for this ride. The grade change is so gradual that you don’t really notice that over 25 miles you’ve actually gained almost 500feet. You don’t notice, that is, until you turn around and head back the way you came. Good ride. Beautiful day.

A Tale of two rides - Jim Thorpe to White Haven and back again

Haley had a good time up there. She fell asleep without a problem and woke up on time, like a Swiss time-piece, 7:00AM.

Last Sunday I got out for one of those silly little rides that turned into a silly big ride. I usually have some idea where I want to go hen go do it. Sunday I had no plan to start other than to do a climb or two. I didn’t feel like straying to far from home so eventually I just ended up doing every grarly climb I could think of close to the Kessel Estate. After two hours I pretty much got most of ‘em save for one or two. As best as I can tell I climbed 4800feet over two hours and was never further than 7 miles from my house. I could have finished up the ride with Evergreen over to Fishing creek but, quite frankly, I was pretty whipped. Fun times though.

Happy Days

Happy Independence Day all.