Thursday, May 05, 2005

Another month gone by and not much new going on. The weather has been much better so riding hasn't been an issue at all. Although I feel like I need something to do to hold my interest or keep me motivated. I'm just short of 1000 miles after todays ride but lately i'm starting to feel lethargy creeping in. Maybe if I find a race to do to inspire me. I think there is an MTB race at Roundtop next month I might look into. It's only 5 miles away from my house so I really would have no traveling excuses to use. Too bad it's a MTB race though. I have ZERO motivation to ride my mtn sled. We'll see. I felt great today on the bike. 62 and partly sunny. 10mph wind outta the south. Although it seemed as though it was in my face no matter which way I was headed. Any cyclist will tell you thats always the case.

Been busy as hell at the bike shop. Good thing we got Frannie (Ray) on board last year. I can't imagine what that place would be like without him. Yesssssssss. Thats for you Ray. Might get Nate back in a month or so to help out as well. Rumor has it he might be back in the States come June. I can taste 'cross already Nate. October is right around the corner, right?

At the homestead me and the wifey have been doing a little digging and planting. A flowerbed next to the garage and a dogwood for the front yard. Dress the place up a bit. Speaking of upgrading the house, I've been forgetting to mention the new toy I bought back in January to spiff up the basement. 55" of pure beauty. The Queen Mother of Entertainment. A Sony Wega LCD tele. Sweetness. I wanted to get a 61" just so I could tell Hebe mine was bigger than his (he has the same tele in a 60") but the price jump was hard to justify. The double nickle works perfectly. Let me say this about High Definition programming. It will change your life, my friends. I never cared much for network television but I'll watch just about anything now if it's broadcast in HD. Never watched CSI until now. A couple other shows here and there. Unbelievable picture. the Super Bowl was amazing. Nascar in HD, wow! Do yourself a favor when you buy your next tele. Get something HD capable.

Elwood is growing nicely. The Little Rodent, as we affectionately call him, is so much fun.

Josh and Beth's wedding is next weekend. Can't wait to see the two of them.

I learned my good friend Mark has set his wedding date for the end of October. That will be a great time for sure. I think Mark is really the last good friend of mine to get hitched. I've know Mark longer than anyone else. Since the second grade. He lives down in Cary, NC running a mega computer company of some sort. Nicest dude you'll ever meet. Bach party will be interesting to say the least.

Not that anyone cares but my morning routine for years was listening to Tony Bruno on Fox Sports Radio until they failed to renew his contract late last year. FSR replaced him with a train-wreck of a show that is unlistenable. Well, great news. He's back on the air. I have to listen thru the internet but thats good enough. Dude is funny as hell about sports and whatever else. Starts my morning off on the right foot after six months of feeling lost.

That'll do it for this edition. Out

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