Sunday, August 08, 2010

Democrats, Nickleback, Cervelo and grilled meats

I think today’s ride was amongst one of the three strongest rides I’ve pedaled so far this year. The numbers may not say it but for two hours I was on top of every gear at all times regardless of uphill or downhill or into the wind or whatever. Good sensations as they say. Five weeks.

I ran into Hebe and Kara on their bikes today. Unfortunately we were headed in opposite directions. I bring this up not because I was bummed that I couldn’t hitch up with them but only to say there are a few things subjects in life I generally shy away from in conversations with friends. Two of the bigger topics would be politics and music. It surprises me sometimes to hear what a certain friend might listen to or how another friend might feel politically about an issue. The funny thing about it is for the most part there really is no wrong answer to how YOU feel about something. I know what I like but the beauty of individual freedom is while I might disagree in large part with a Democrat or strongly disagree with Nickleback I respect your feelings to disagree with my thoughts. I’m sure most of my friends would puke if I made them listen to my Sufjan Stevens playlist but I’m OK with that. So many times I see people passionately oppose a friends views to the point of offending said person. Why? So, I say keep on jammin’ to Nickleback if that’s what makes your day. I got no problem with it.

Nice day today.

I thing the Cervelo R3SL might be the best bike I’ve ever thrown a leg over. Really, I mean that. After a couple thousand miles on it and after replacing that garbage SRAM Red stuff with trusty ol DA 7800 I can confidently say this bike rocks. If only Cervelo made a CX. Wow, that bike would be nuts!

Meats and sweet corn on the grill this afternoon for Mom, my lil sis Shannon and DJ and Uncle Greg. Time to fire up the Weber. A’ight.