Saturday, September 29, 2007

Vegas Vacation

Hebe and I flew out to catch Interbike this week. It’s pretty overwhelming to show up at an event like that and not have a game plan. I was attending more from a kid in a candy store viewpoint rather than official business. Makes the whole thing just a little more palatable. Hebe was able to get some good things done relating to the MAC.

What I was really looking forward to was the Cross Vegas event. Cool venue. It was off The Strip a little ways but a huge amount of people attended so it was pretty crazy during the men’s race. Leech was awesome considering it was his first ‘cross race of the year while practically everyone else ahead of him has raced at least once if not twice last weekend. Factor in the non-Americans and you had a field that could be considered the strongest ever assembled for a ‘cross race on U.S. soil. Unofficially 26th place. Nice racing Ry.

Trebon - Page - Wicks

Leech is in there

Disco Tony

Thursday night before we had to catch our red-eye back home we hung out at the Mandalay Bay for the World Crit Finals. That was real cool too. Cipo raced the Industry Cup and never left 5th wheel the entire time until he ate shit with two to go. Ooops, not how that was meant to go. The men’s race was funt to watch but we had to split before it ended. You can watch all those events online here.

All in all it was a great time. I didn’t even mention the dirt demo, which, given my great ambivalence towards mtb’s, was tremendous to see everyone have road bikes to ride on closed roads. Nice.

We landed in Harrisburg around 9:45am Friday and I was at work by noon. I just didn’t want to use a vacation day and spend it sleeping all day. Unlike Hebe, I did NOT sleep thirteen hours once I did get to bed Friday night but I’m sure if you count lounging on the couch before and after sleeping it was probably close.

Most of all, I really missed my two very lovely women. I did some quick shopping for Haley and I would have liked to get something for Erin but I literally had not one more square inch to store anything. I bought TLW a hoodie from the Paul Frank store and some socks at the Puma store. She’ll be a trendy little woman now.

Hebe and Leech are fun to hang with. Good times.

That’s all.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Saturday, September 01, 2007

The Goat Sucker

The Wifey, Haley, and I kicked off the three day weekend with a trip to Perkin's for breakfast this morning. Can't say that I was blown away. So-so. TLW ate cheerios while we chowed down. She's really getting good at picking them up and eating them.

I wanted to get out for a good ride today but after a week of delivering fitness crap my back has been a bit knackered. This morning I could barely stand up without having a bit of stiffness and achyness. Whatever, riding doesn't really require standing up, right? So, I got out for 2 solid hours of joy. I rode my CCC with road wheels on. I must say, I do love my Malone, but, the CCC is one hell of a comfy ride. I highly recommend getting yourself one.

While I was riding today it occured to me that for everyday dicking around on road rides a 53t large ring is just plain stupid. I have a large ring of 46t on the CCC. I guess compact cranksets with a 50t is just about perfect. Even with the 46t I rarely had to leave it but also didn't feel the need to spin out on any of the rollers I was doing.

The most compelling evidence yet that El Chupacabras is real.

I might actually ride my Mtn sled Sunday. Proof positive that anything is possible.

Haley is absolutely the coolest, most awesome little girl ever.