Sunday, March 25, 2007


Is it me or are weekends just way too short? After putting in some time at Holmes Cyclery Saturday Erin and I dropped Little Haley off at her Grandparents house so that we could dine out. We went to The Pizza Grille courtesy of The Legend (thanks Mike!). We always get the same thing when we go there. Erin gets a Greek pizza and I get a chicken cheesesteak. We split a Feta & Sun-dried Tomato Salad as well. Good stuff. Always yummy there.

Today we had scheduled to get some studio photos taken of Haley, which turned into a fiasco. I am somewhat against the whole idea of studio pictures. I know it’s just simply what you do with your child as she/he grows up. I could do without the staged artificialness of it all. Anyway, although Haley looked incredibly cute, she didn’t feel like smiling so the turd-head photog didn’t feel like snapping any pictures. In 20 minutes of attempting to coax a smile she snapped approx 6-8 pictures always a second or two late. It was a waste of time. The best pictures are always spontanious. We'll try it again somehwere down the road.

The cool part was we got to hang out with Haley’s other Grammy (my Mom) and then spent some time with Aunt Shannon & Uncle Greg (my Sis and Bro In-law) and Cousin DJ (my Nephew). It was fun to see everyone.

Also cool was riding The Fixie down to Hangover this afternoon for the picture thing. The weather was amazing and it was totally cool riding roads I haven’t been on in a LONG time. I could have been to North Hanover in about 32.5 miles using all back roads but I got there earlier than expected so I dicked around and ended up with 41 miles of fun. Did I mention I love riding a fixed gear bike?

Did I also mention I love riding because it affords me the opportunity to eat like an ass? Ride to eat. Words to live by.

MTV is running a lot of old episodes of Jackass. Never gets old.

Friday, March 23, 2007

"Check out my new Cape May sweatshirt!"

Thursday, March 22, 2007

maRch 22nd

I feel like I had a productive day. Not sure if I actually did or not but the feeling is there.

I started off doing some light garage organizing. I then helped Hebe move some stuff. I followed that up with another awesome fixie ride.

I just can’t seem to get away from that thing. I rode my road sled to work Wednesday just to get a feel for something different but I was right back on the fixie today for 90 rolling minutes. One thing I love about it is no matter how you slice it, you just can’t fake a hard ride on it. Today was no different. My knees might explode by July but for now I’m loving it.

Oh, BTW, despite the 70 degree temp today, I rolled out with knee warmers. Word.

Young Haley turned 3 months old Wednesday! She’s growing like a weed. I’m now fully convinced that she’ll be taller than her parents.

3 months old!

Fancy new slippers

Sunday, March 18, 2007


Despite all the sometimes fun, sometimes fascinating, sometimes sucky excitement in my life the past few months, I’ll be damned if I just have no desire to share it lately. Sorry.

Little Haley is growing fast and having a grand ‘ole time watching her parents make faces and funny noises at her provoking responses. We’ve taken tons of pictures but real soon we need to the official studio photog thing at The Wifey’s insistence. I can remember being drug kicking and screaming to such affairs as a young punk. Now I’m on the other end.

Is this the Sillies year? I’m ready for the roller coaster of heart break all over again. Two weeks.

Speaking of two weeks. 10-8. Ugh.

We drove to Cape May Thursday night in a miserable rainy mess. It rained all day Friday down there which sucked but not as bad as it would have sucked being here in the ‘Burg getting vomited on by a blizzard of white shit. Saturday was cool and breezy but I did get out for a good 90 minute ride on the fixie. It was actually a pretty hard ride. Dead flat on a fixed gear with some pretty solid head winds here and there. I enjoyed it though. No green beer was had by Haley’s parents.

Two things I need to do this year. One is read more books and internet less. I just ordered 4 books off Amazon. Two from this guy and two from this guy. I already own a few from Cahill so I know they will be good reads but Weisbecker was recommended by someone who told me if I enjoy HST I’d be good with this dude. Cool.

The other thing I need to do this year is take a legitimate vacation. I mean get in a jet and land in a time zone at least 3hrs away or at least leave the country. Hold me to it. Please

I’m happy to see the Pens aren’t going anywhere. I never really thought they would but until they hammered out a deal for a new arena anything was possible. I’m a Flyers fan which means I can’t root for the Pens but they are fun to watch and given Philly’s recent moves towards a much younger and faster brand of puck I think we could see a pretty intense rivalry in the next few years. BTW, Sid and his boys swept Philly 8-0 this season so I know it won’t be easy, just exciting to watch.

What's up with all the bra commercials on the teli lately? Not that I'm complaining about skimpily clad busty women running around with their hooters hanging out........have I said too much?

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Hey Sweety

what a little cutie

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Little Haley playing around