Sunday, July 18, 2010

I scream

I finally checked off one of the big items on my to-do list since we moved into the new palace. The basement was in need of a new ceiling. There was a half-assed drop ceiling installed when we moved in and considering this would be my man room I needed to get it right. I’m far from a handy-man so this wasn’t going to be easy but I didn’t want to hire a pro either. What ended up costing me approx $400 probably would have been triple that if I hired someone. I’m sure I made this task way harder than it needed to be due to my amateur abilities but I definitely like how it turned out. Still some work to do down here but the major stuff is done.
basement before


This heat is energy sapping. I’ve continued to get just over 8hrs on the bike a week and at least two sometimes three runs 3-5miles a shot. Getting out at the crack of dawn helps or a late day run works but the cumulative efforts add up. Makes the couch even more appealing.

I’m not even thinking about ‘cross yet. Too hot. 1st race September 12 I think. Long way off. Although Labor Day will be here before we know it.

I need to fly somewhere. Any thoughts?

Bummed to hear about Nancy’s soccer injury. I’m sure Ray’s taking good care. Hang in there Nancy!

Anyone have a cool TT bike I could buy. Size sm/med. I had a nice rig but I sold it to LK. Ooops. That’s a pretty sweet bike. Wish I still had it.

Haley was up last night partying in her room ‘til 10-10:30pm. Thought she’d be passed out tired by 7pm tonight. Wrong. 9pm and she’s still awake partying again. I announced my intentions to go to Lowes this afternoon and she said she wanted to go with me. We had fun. She helped me pick out my goods then we stopped at McD’s for a bit of ice cream. Fun times.

Short work week for me. Two days off to end the week then MS Ride next weekend.

OK then.


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